Tampa Energy Solutions  

About Us

Tampa Energy Solutions serves the needs of government, private individuals and businesses, both large and small.  Steve Rutherford (President) and Kristian Krempel  (Marketing Director) began this unique solutions company to serve the needs of individuals, agencies, companies and firms with a desire to bring innovative technology to the military and commercial sector. 

Steve is a retired Navy SEAL and Physicist with extensive program management experience.  He holds a Master of Science in Physics and National Resource Strategy with an energy focus. 
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Kristian is an experienced product and sports marketing expert.  Their company, TES, utilizes the strengths of each member and they work with a network of experts with diverse talents to address the most demanding challenges.   Kristian also manages FX Marketing with contracts from NASCAR, the Grammys, NFL Hall of Fame and other key clientele. 
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Tampa Energy Solutions utilizes alliances and partnerships to deliver unparalleled service and product support.

A trusted name in Scientific and Technology related Consulting, Product development, and Management.

Steve Rutherford
Founder and President

Kristian Krempel
Director of Marketing

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